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frank ruzek
baltimore MARYLAND

school class of 1961

MARYLAND Catonsville

I graduated in 1971. A time capsul was placed in the corner stone of the church. I was wondering if it is still there? I was the first African-American to graduate from St. Wenceslaus - What a great time I had - What valuable lessons learned there.

Valerie Kardian Phythyon
MARYLAND Havre de Grace

Merry Christmas to this wonderful CHristian community in memory of my father, Stephen Joseph Kardian, who served as an altar boy in the 1940's at your beautiful church.

frank j ruzek
MARYLAND baltimore

merry christmas to the parrish and a happy new year. fjr class of 1961

Victoria Burkhart Faherty
MARYLAND Beaufort, North Caro

What a heartening web site -- God bless you! My great grandparents, Thomas and Victoria Klima, and their children, including my late maternal grandmother, Victoria Klima Barkley, and their grandchildren, including my late mother, Dorothy Barkley Burkhart, were each members of the Baltimore Czech community, and my mother and her sister and brothers grew up on Madeira Street and N. Patterson Park Avenue. In my childhood (b. 1947), I was enchanted by their beautiful church, and loved, too, that when I arose "in the dark" to attend early mass with my grandmother and aunt, Mary Barbara Barkley, my Bubby's and Aunt Mary's friends would enfold me with love on the porch after mass, and treat me to their extended conversations in Czech. That the parish continues, that it still serves the neighborhood, that the neighborhood may have a return of prosperity, delights my heart. I shall remember you in my prayers, and hope that you will remember my Klima forebearers in yours. Respectfully yours, Victoria Burkhart Faherty, Ph. D.

Valerie Kardian
MARYLAND Baltimore

My grandmother and grandfather were Joseph and Anna Kardian. They lived on Duncan Street. My father, Stephen Kardian, was an altar boy at your church for many, many years.

MARYLAND Sykesville

Hello, I'm a daughter of a St. Francis University Alumni (actually both of my parents are alumni) and I was wondering if on your staff do you have a Fr. Patrick Donahoe, and if so is he the same father from St. Francis University? We just read in the magazine he was moving to some church in Baltimore. We live close by and I know my parents would love to see him again! Thank you so much! -Kelly

Leonard C. Lister Jr.
MARYLAND Baltimore

I graduated from St Wenceslaus School in 1962. We lived on Maderia St for years. I have fond memories of the school and church and the many people from the neighborhood.

Father Dan Hesko
MARYLAND Middletown, n.j.

Greetings to the good people of St. Wenceslaus. I served there as priest in 1984 (my first assignment). I am now pastor of St, Catherine's in New Jersey.

ron sebeck sr.
MARYLAND westminster

graduated from st. wenceslaus school 1967. just wanted to say hello.

Carol Shaw

I am Bohemian and I know some of my family worshiped at St. Wenceslaus but, if they did not belong to St Wenceslaus in the 1870's and 1880's, can you tell me what parish they would have belonged to? Thank you.